Saturday, February 20, 2010

The process begins...

The first step in making a huge decision that will dramatically alter the course of your life is considering it. The second step is (or ought to be) getting more knowledge so that can make an informed decision. After weighing my priorities and doing some research, here is what I have found:

Medical careers that don't completely absorb your life (in other words, you can still have a family and sleep, etc):

Pediatrics: I love kids. This could be fun!
Pathology: The study of diseases could be fun, but I'm not so sure how much I would enjoy doing autopsies everyday. Really, I would like to be able to help people who haven't died yet, but I could consider it.
Ophthalmology: I think the eye is very fascinating, yet very small...
Dermatology: I think there is more in this field than most people realize.
Emergency Medicine: This would be cool and probably very rewarding at times, but also probably highly stressful.
Psychiatry: I could further hone my soul-reading skills... Excellent!

Now, in the engineering sector, I spoke with a company recently that will be flying me out early in February for a tour of their facilities. They are closely tied with the military, and they do a lot of research on weapon systems and defense. It could be interesting and I'm sure they will be working many fascinating projects. The key will be to get a good understanding of the life and daily schedule of the engineers rather than to be awed by the fighter jets and explosions. (I like explosions. Don't believe me? Ask my microwave.)

Of course, medicine also provides a potentially different course. Each branch of the military is constantly seeking for doctors and is willing to provide financial support throughout school. By agreeing to spend a few years in the Navy or Air Force, I could get all my tuition/books covered, as well as receive a monthly wage on top. Then during residency I would make an extra 20-40k more per year than civilian doctors would, but more importantly, I would be able to get trained for deep sea diving or get a pilot's license and spend some time living abroad in Greece, Italy, the UK, Japan, or maybe spend some time back east or in Hawaii. (I like Hawaii. Don't believe me? Ask my microwave.)

Oh the options! Next step - shadowing!

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